Women's Freeride Movement was created after Crankworx Womensworx in 2010. Wanting to share the stoke that the event brought us, we decided to run an air dome jam the following summer. Until then we shared any media we could find, hoping to inspire future riders. Evolving over the years starting from media sharing, Air Dome events, to a rad new dirt jump series in Whistler!! Time to get sendy, but in your ability range of course! ;)


Ride to Live


When WFM first started, Lisa would spend days combing the internet for pictures, video, & media to share the newly growing women’s field. Now female based media is exploding on the scene, new videos, photos, and events on the daily!! We like to thank all the ladies who paved the way. Without you, we’d still be crawling out of the primordial pool, instead we are doing 360’s, backflips and tuck no-handers. Which is fast becoming the standard trick base for ladies these days. It’s time to push the level even further!!

Photography courtesy of What’s Up Over Me, Crystal Cowan and Clint Trahan.

Lisa would like to thank her personal sponsors - SRAM, RockShox, Five Ten, Rocky Mountain Bikes, Tag Cycling, and Coastal Culture Sports.

Live to Ride